Hopefully, you’ll get your blood pressure checked before a stroke, cholesterol checked before a heart attack, your teeth checked before losing them to cavities. Your spine (which houses your nerves) should be checked too.

Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism that is run by an internal intelligence. Your computer (brain) communicates through the wires (nerves) to virtually every cell in your body.

There can be interference to the normal expression of this internal intelligence by VSC (Vertebral Subluxation Complex). These subluxations can cause pain symptoms, and bodily dysfunctions which can severely affect your life. These problems can also produce no symptoms for years until the body eventually breaks down. Often some of the damage is not fixable at that point.

By adjusting the spine and removing nerve interference, your body gains the ability to restore itself to normal. Keeping you free from subluxations will allow you to express your full genetic potential.

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